Students may apply for reduced participation fees by presenting a valid certificate of matriculation prior to start of the EMVA forum.

Cancellation of participation
You may cancel your participation in writing and without charge until July 13, 2018. From July 14 up to August 10, 2018 cancellation will be charged with 50% of the participation fees. Reimbursement is not possible at a later point of time. Replacement participants may be nominated. Relevant for compliance with the cancellation deadline is the date of receipt by the organizer AEON Verlag & Studio.

AEON accepts no liability, especially from culpa in contrahendo and positive violation of claims and other legal grounds originating from AEON. Exclusion of liability shall not be applicable to damages that have been caused by deliberate or gross negligence on the part of AEON. In such case, however, the liability of AEON shall be limited to the participation fee.

Data security and guarantee of payment
Credit card details remain strictly confidential. Personal data such as credit card number, bank code, account number, name and address information is encrypted by our security-server software. This information is thus secure against unauthorized access when being transmitted via the Internet.

AEON covers cost from misuse of credit cards only to the extend misuse is not covered by the bank institute and provided misuse is due to use of the registration form for participation in the EMVA forum and a mistake of the applicant can be excluded.

The liability amount is limited to the attendance fee. Use of fraudulent credit cards needs to be reported to the credit card issuer according to the respective provisions for use.

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